Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like a rainbow in black and white

There it is
There it is not

...Is this the beginning
beginning of an end?

The rainbow exists
minus the hues..

Friday, September 10, 2010


You creep into my nerves
And then make me what I’m not

I know you’re silly
(I’m, too)
I know you’re gracefully woman
(That’s the ink to my imagination)
I know you’re selfish
(so, who is not?)
I know you’re unnecessarily logical
(which makes me angry, makes me drink, and makes me write poetry)
I know you’re pompous
(I blame the time, blame the ambitious age)

The coffee, the beer, the chai
The maggi, the fruits, the dal- plain one
Everything has some memories attached to us
Memories mean more to me than you
Since I know you’re nothing but a memory

I’m camouflaged
By my own ifs and buts
By my own doubts and confidence

But you’re vivid
Vivid like a day bright…

Monday, June 7, 2010


Muthitu tan koi mar
Xobdo bur t di lo dhar

Mor buku korkosh
Nisphol tur kuthar...


Kass ke band kar mutthi...
Shabdo ko de dhaar

Mera dil hai kathin lakri
Nishphal tera prahaar..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Xukurbaror Kobita

Xukurbaror xei xopon-loga xondhya
bhur-bhuriyakoi goji uthil orthoboh mounota

Tumar hatot ekhon kaata samos
Mor hatot ekhon suri
Kaxot keipah man golap- plastikor

Abeg bor kati kati
ami je ki triptire khalu!

(Shukravar ki woh shyam)

Shukravar ki woh shyam
Jisme bhune huwe the sapne

Jaise bhur bhuri mitti se nikalti hai ankur
Waise hi bhur bhurakar nikli khamoshi

Tumhare haath main dhunya
Mere haath main churi
Bagal main tha gulab-plastic ka
kat kat kar key humne kata aur
tukra tukra karke kha gaye sare soch-bichar

Monday, March 22, 2010

pootna ke liye ek kavita

Tum roop badal sakti ho
Meethi meethi batein kar sakti ho
Badal sakti ho apni kaaya

Apni prakat vakshya se
kar sakti ho tum kisiko bhi kabu mein-
dev, devta, manushya athva kinnar

Bhaala kisiko kya pata kitni ho tum zahreeli

Kamaal ki cheez ho tum
Kamaal ki cheez ho tum

Office mein, seher mein, ghar mein
sab mein tum jao
Mere pas mat aao

Mein jo Krishna nahi hoon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My ode to a new dawn: a song on the eve of 2010.

Till the guitar cries...

Let the fire leap in the air
light up our faces
so that we see each other
eyes to eyes
heart to heart
And hum
the rhythm of life

Pour a li'l wine
strum the strings
snap the fingers
and whistle out the worries of life

Let the fire leap in the air
and burn
that pollutes our moment of joy
Let the chorus stir our lives
and ignite
the possibilities burried deep in our heart

We'll sing
We'll dance
We'll drink
to ward off the evils of despair
Till the guitar cries...

Pour a li'l wine
Pour a li'l wine

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tonight, I'm going to commit sucide...

These are my last words of life
My heart that is pumping for these twenty six years
Strong blue veins
Deep, bright eyes
Everything will become numb and cold

End will all unanswered, illogical questions
Silent will be those unending echoes of emotions
Choked will be my unwoven ocean of imaginations

In a strong, ruthless rope
will be hanging my defeated pessimism
My vain, undaunted ego

Remain there will only a life
Soft and serene.
Like the placid stream in December...

(Original Assamese one:
Aaji rati moi atmo honon korim…

Eikeitai mor jiwonor xex xobdo
iman din dhori dhop dhopai thoka mor olindo
Prokot nila xirabor
Toh toh koi anoborot jwoli thoka soku duta
Hoi poribo stobdho aru xeta

Xex hoi jabo xokolu beberi bang prosno
Nistbdho hoi jabo vabonar umal anuronon
Kok bokai kok bokai joti poribo
Mor xokolu jotil kolpona

Edal fit fitiya rosit
Ulomi thakibo mor noiraiswo
Mor misa atmo-ohonkar

Thaki jabo mathu ek xukumol jiwon